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COVID-19 travel certificate

You can order your travel certificate here

Travellers to certain countries from Denmark are required to provide a travel certificate showing proof of a negative PCR test to enter the country and/or to avoid mandatory quarantine on arrival.

If you have already done the PCR test, then fill out this form if you need a travel certificate. We will contact you as fast as possible.

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Covid-19 Test


It is important to be vaccinated

With vaccinations you can protect yourself against serious diseases, and thanks to the childhood vaccination program, a large number of diseases now rarely occur in Denmark. When you travel outside Denmark's borders, it may be relevant to be vaccinated against diseases that are not covered by the Danish childhood vaccination program. In this guide you will find information about diseases that can be prevented with vaccination.

Contact your doctor or vaccination clinic for good vaccination advice.

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Before booking, make sure you call us for the best guidance.


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Before booking, make sure you call us for the best guidance.
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